Phase 1 – The Move

The Smith-Eslick Cottage Court structure had to be relocated approximately 150 feet across the street from its original site in September 2009, after the owners of the historic property required that the Cottage Court either be moved off the property or destroyed.

The GLAHS raised almost $24,000 needed to move the building from donations from businesses and individuals and the structure was professionally moved in two parts in September 2009.

It was necessary to move the structure in two sections, so temporary support boards were added to one carport. Exterior wood removed from the Court during the move has been replaced, and furnishings, interior decorations and other items necessary to the operation of the Court have been carefully stored for future use in restoration.

This new location,729 Lake Avenue, retains theCottage Court’s integrity, as it too is original Smith-Eslick family land, is still on the old road into town, and is just across the street from the original site. Several small original, detached Eslick 1930s and 1940s rental cottages sit on adjacent properties, as they were also moved from across the street, but much earlier and by the Eslick family. The town of Grand Lake has a history of early structures being moved and moved again as they were grouped together for tourists, or incorporated as part of newer buildings.

The Cottage Court is again oriented (rotated 180 degrees from its original orientation) so the front of the structure still faces the old road into town, inviting the visitor to “take a peek” just as it once invited visitors to stay the night. The GLAHS is slowly developing a park-like setting around the Court, comparable to what the structure had in its original location.  Our fundraising efforts are now concentrated on acquiring the adjacent lot to the west so the combined parcel would equal the original 15,000 square feet of space.

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